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First Year Birthday Party Trends

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Check out the newest and most adorable themes for Baby’s First Birthday

Hot Air Balloon and Clouds Birthday Party

Oh my! A whole year has flown by! A hot air balloon and clouds birthday party theme is beautiful and whimsical. It is suitable for both boys and girls just by changing the color scheme. This theme is not only adorable but very versatile. Blow up small white party balloons and stick them to each other using adhesive tape or glue dots to form the shape of a cloud (make sure not to blow them too much so you can keep a round shape of each balloon). Cut out hot air balloons out of cardstock and stick them around or hang from the ceiling with fishing line. All parents will feel like ‘walking on clouds’ celebrating their baby’s first birthday!

Make it Simple

Another trend that is coming to stay is the neutral/ abstract decorations. Instead of picking a theme, simply decide on the color scheme (two to four colors or tones) for your party and play around with simple shapes and items using those colors.

Rainbow First Birthday Decorations

This can also be a very whimsical and adorable theme when you use pastel tones. For a retro or vintage vibe, you can choose a muted rainbow theme where you work with different tones of the one same pastel color. A rainbow and clouds balloon garland will complete the party and make a great photo background.

‘My First Picnic’ Baby Birthday Party

How cute and wonderful can this theme be? Plaid is the name of the game and you don’t have to be afraid to try different colors. This can perfectly work in pretty much any color of your choice. Add sunflowers as centerpieces and keep the party casual.

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