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How to care for your Succulent in 3 Easy Steps

Updated: Feb 5

Succulents are low maintenance plants that have made a staple as both garden plants and as house plants. They come in many colors and shapes and make a wonder gift as party favors. Here are a few easy tips on how to keep your succulents fresh and thriving.

1 - Light

Succulents in general need at least 6 hours of sunlight. The exact amount of hours of light they need will depend on the plant variety and if they are not receiving enough light you may start noticing them growing out of shape stretching to reach for more light.

2 - Temperature

Most succulents thrive in warm weather in poor soil with good drainage.

The means that their roots cannot sit in water, and with exception of a few varieties, they will die off if exposed to frost or even cold temperatures.

3 - Soil

Succulents, just like cacti, have shallow root systems and can be selective about their soil conditions. It is important to provide a soil blend with good drainage. The soil must also contain some level of nutritious organic matter that helps retain some moist naturally. The ideal soil mixture should contain some garden compost, mixed with equal part of sand and a small part of perlite to improve drainage.

Succulents are a fun and versatile plant, with many varieties to choose from. Whether you'll use them in the garden or to bring cheer indoors, the possibilities are endless.

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